Learn Bulgarian



Americans learning Bulgarian - isn’t that great!



Are you interested in the Bulgarian culture?
Would you like to know more about Bulgaria,
 its history, traditions, and customs?
You can't fully be exposed to all that without learning
the Bulgarian language!

The great opportunity to learn Bulgarian awaits you at
The Bulgarian Learning Center "Knowledge"!

MaryAnne Korkut, a student, described the first course of Intensive Bulgarian (held from Feb.11, 2006 to April 15, 2006) as an "Enlightening and Delightful Class!"
The  second course which ran from May 6th  to  June 24, 2006 was also a big success!

Perhaps, it is time for you to sign up for the next session of 10 weeks. Classes start  September, 2006.
This could be of great benefit to you! Expand your skills! Get cultured!

Learn to speak Bulgarian!


Zdraveite! (Bulgarian for ‘Hello‘)

Our courses in Bulgarian are designed with
practical goals in mind and we aim to achieve satisfactory
basic levels of verbal communication in Bulgarian from
English speakers. In the past we've had people come to us
needing to learn Bulgarian due to life circumstances
such as having a significant other with a Bulgarian
nationality or having business relations with the
Bulgarian community.

We aim first and foremost to teach verbal skills and
we form small classes of not more than 5-6 people
who practice speaking a great deal during the
continuation of each of the 3-hours-classes that take
place on Saturdays. We also incorporate grammar,
vocabulary, and work on expression and phrase building.

Our September class is going to begin from the alphabet
and the phonetic similarities and differences between
Bulgarian and English sounds and Cyrillic and Latin
letters, and from there we are going to expand and deepen
our students’ knowledge of Bulgarian.

The instructor of our classes is a polyglot native
from Sofia who is married to an American. She is extremely
dedicated to her job which is reflected in her students’
feedbacks and positive outlooks for the course.

The textbooks that we follow are University editions
recently published in the US and are accompanied by
audio material. The cost of the textbook is $35.00 +shipping
and you can either order it by yourself or we can
do it for you when you enroll in the class.

Again, classes begin in September.

I look forward to hearing from you and perhaps meeting with you in class!

Thank you for your consideration:

BUC “Znanie”